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VirKon S


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VirKon S - Aquatic Tablets

Virkon S Aquatic Low Foam Tablets have been developed for the Koi hobbyist and aquatic industry. Not to be confused with the original Virkon S that is used in the specific world of human and animal sanitization. It is especially made as a water sanitizer for use in the recirculation system only and is effective above temperatures as low as 4 degrees C. In solutions of 1% it can also be used as a surface sanitizer in your pond equipment area. Our hands and pond equipment like nets for example are often one of the biggest carriers/transferors of viral diseases.

Virkon S Aquatic does not treat the fish directly but sanitizes the water from all those nasty bacteria and viruses that seem to lurk about the pond especially in the Spring and Autumn.

Approximately one 5g tablet will sanitize 500 gallons (2273 litres) of water. Add the chosen tablets to 10 litres of fresh water and allow the tablets to fully dissolve, and the effervescent effect to cease. Then introduce the dissolved dosage (tablets must never be added directly into the pond) into the incoming water column either by way of a skimmer or settlement tank so that it can be gradually added to the water as it is filtered. One of the best ways to do this is to make your own ‘doser’. This is a very simple piece of kit to make, all you need is a new clean plastic bucket and then drill a very small hole in the bottom. Pour in the dissolved Virkon S Aquatic and let it run slowly into your incoming water column. Dosing is recommended once a week, this can be increased to twice a week in the higher risk KHV/Virus periods of Spring and Autumn. Please do remember though it is important at the point of weekly re-dosing that you also perform a 5 to 10% water change at the same time using a declorinating product and do make sure your recirculation pump is running the whole while you are treating the pond.

Always remember to turn off any UV sterilization system you may have running before starting this treatment. It can then be safely turned back on after six to eight hours.

A note of caution there is no point in trying to dip or bath any specific Koi as Virkon S Aquatic is a water sanitizer only and will not treat a fish directly!

50 x 5g Tub






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