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Water test Kits and Equipment

The Original Japanese Refractometer: 

High Precision Refractometer NOW BACK IN STOCK ...

Testing your water for the Salt content is extremely important.

No More Guessing - with these extremly accurate Refractometers it offers a reliable and accurate way of determining true salinity in the Aquarium, or pond, and the fish farm environment. Not only is it quick and easy to use but it is also very straight-forward to calibrate.

The refractometer will give readings in both scales of measurement i.e. specific gravity (S.G.) and Salinity (S).

It has an Automatic temperature compensation which is achieved by way of a bi-metallic strip inside the rugged housing.

These Refractometers are designed to measure and monitor the delicate salt concentration in your Koi pond. The meter is extremely easy to use; simply dip the end, so the plate is submerged in the water and lift out and hold up to the Light ..  the reading will then show in both ppm or percentages and you know you have a very accurate reading of the salt content in your pond.

Salt is one of the best treatments for problems with your Koi and can be used in your Koi pond to treat fungal infections and to reduce osmotic stress. It helps to control algae growth and aids in eliminating most parasites.

A salt concentration between 0.3% to 0.5% helps to detoxifying nitrite and to control string algae. (although we cannot say how successful this may be, as much depends on the actual pond, the location, and the area of the world ..

These Original Japanese Refractometers must be regarded as the one of the Very Best Salt Tester on the World Market at anything near this price - and is available now from The East Riding Koi Co  ...

We have been using one of these Refractometers to check the salt levels within our own tanks and ponds for the past 15 years ...  that original model, which has not changed, cost me personally over 250.00 - so only the price has changed - which of course now puts these Refractometers within reach of most Koi enthusiasts pocket ..


So now it is possible for you to add Salt to your pond water accurately - take the guesswork out of adding too much or not enough .... think about it no more guessing how much salt to add to achieve the required saline solution for your Koi ...

The water parameters can change over night - be aware of this if you don't want to go down to the pond to feed the fish etc and find that you have a major problem on your hands .. make it a rule, even if you believe that all is well - to test your water on a regular basis .. that way you will be alerted to any changes as they actually happen and be in a position to do something about it.

Common Salt, sodium chloride (NaC), is generally used in the health care and treatment of fish - it's particularly useful in treating parasites. Most fish have an internal salt concentration of 1.0 per cent or ten parts per thousand (ppt) which is higher than their water environment. Osmosis causes water to transfer from the lower salinity of the pond water into the tissues of the fish. The addition of salt will lower the osmosis pressure. This reduces the effort of the fish in eliminating the excess water. The saved energy is then available for use by the fish's own immune system to fight diseases. On the other hand, if the salinity of the water environment is close to the internal tissues of the fish, the osmosis pressure will reverse and cause the fish to die of dehydration.

Salt concentrations between 0.3%  and 0.5% (3 to 5ppt) will upset the osmotic balance of some parasites i.e. the parasites cells will dehydrate. Salt can also be useful in the control of algae.

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9500 - TP The Original Japanese Refractometer 99.50 + Vat in UK / EEC Order


Also a very useful piece of equipment is of course the Thermometer to let you know what temperature the water is in your tank or pond ..  you may need this when it comes to treatments etc ..

We have a couple of very nice and neat Digital Thermometers...

A Very handy 'Digital' Thermometer which simply hangs on the side of the tank or pond - it has a probe which then just hangs in the water for an accurate reading. 
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THE-425 Digital Thermometer 8.93 + Vat Order


Larger Digital Thermometer - very easy to read and provides temperatures both Inside and Outside - this superb thermometer has a waterproof probe of course that simply hangs into the water of the pond or the tank .. 

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THE-427 Digital Thermometer In/Out 14.70 + Vat Order

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