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NT Labs Water test Kits

Nitrite…..What is Nitrite

Nitrite is produced by the beneficial bacterial in your pond filter as they break down the harmful and toxic ammonia caused by fish waste, overfeeding etc…although nitrite is not as toxic as ammonia it can still be very damaging to the health of your fish, classed as the ‘silent killer’ when Nitrite is present the water can be ‘gin’ clear giving the impression of superb water quality. After it is broken down it turns into Nitrate which is virtually harmless to your pond fish – this becomes the three stage Nitrogen Cycle……

Why Test for Nitrite…..

Any nitrite present in the pond can damage the health of your fish. Toxic nitrite can build up in ponds where there are insufficient filter bacteria to deal with the total waste from the fish in your pond

This situation can arise in new ponds, when new fish are added, when the filter bacteria have been disrupted (e.g. during cleaning), or during accidental miss-dosing of pond medications.

What is the correct Nitrite level in my pond….

There is no occasion where any Nitrite is tolerable in a fish pond. A level of zero mg/L (PPM) must be maintained at all times.

What do I do if the Nitrite level is wrong……

If a level of 0.25 – 0.5mg/L (ppm) is recorded then add a good quality filter booster. If a level above this is recorded then a substantial water change is essential. Change 25% of the pond volume for 1mg/L (ppm) nitrite and 50% for nitrite levels above this. Zeolite will remove ammonia (and thus nitrite) from pond water and then can be recharged. If you do record a nitrite level in your pond, then it is important to check other vital water quality parameters, especially Oxygen, pH and Ammonia.


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NTLAB-NTT-329   NT Labs Nitrite Test Kit  (40 Tests) £5.25 + Vat Order

Where postage charges are not shown on the final order - the appropriate charge will be applied but will be kept to a minimum


A Very handy 'Digital' Thermometer which simply hangs on the side of the tank or pond - it has a probe which then just hangs in the water for an accurate reading. 
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THE-425 Digital Thermometer £8.93 + Vat Order


Larger Digital Thermometer - very easy to read and provides temperatures both Inside and Outside - this superb thermometer has a waterproof probe of course that simply hangs into the water of the pond or the tank .. 

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THE-427 Digital Thermometer In/Out £14.70 + Vat Order

 Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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