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NT Labs Water test Kits

Pondlab 200 Multi-test   -   6 Different Types of Tests


The Pondlab 200 Multi-test Kit provides over 200 tests of 6 water perameters (pH, GH, KH, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia).

This multi-test kit comes complete with full instructions, an integral test tube rack, this rack makes the kit easy to use with no risk of spillage. It will give you the optimum levels and helpful suggestion for any corrections you may have to make to regain optimum conditions.


Pond Health Check   -   3 Different Types of Tests

Easy Dip - Water Sampler



Pond Health Check tests three water perameters (pH, Ammonia and Nitrite) the kit comes with full and comprehensive instructions to help you diagnose and treat sickness in your fish pond. It also gives the user the optimum levels and helpful suggestions for any corrections you may need to make.

SKU Description


NTLAB-NTT-200   NT Labs Pondlab 200 Test Kit  17.50 + Vat Order
NTLAB-NTT-203   NT Labs Pond Health Check Test Kit 
  (130 Tests)
10.79 + Vat Order
NTLAB-NTT-323   NT Labs Easy Dip - Water Sampler 2.91 + Vat Order

Where postage charges are not shown on the final order - the appropriate charge will be applied but will be kept to a minimum


A Very handy 'Digital' Thermometer which simply hangs on the side of the tank or pond - it has a probe which then just hangs in the water for an accurate reading. 
SKU Description


THE-425 Digital Thermometer 8.93 + Vat Order


Larger Digital Thermometer - very easy to read and provides temperatures both Inside and Outside - this superb thermometer has a waterproof probe of course that simply hangs into the water of the pond or the tank .. 

SKU Description


THE-427 Digital Thermometer In/Out 14.70 + Vat Order

Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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