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Water Care and Treatments:

Eco Gold

A brand new product to add to the excellent ECO PURE LINE that comes from KUSURI


Blanket Weed Eradicator.

ECO GOLD is a blend of beneficial bacteria and minerals that will quickly kill that dreaded blanket weed as soon as it appears. Simple and easy to use, simply just mix your chosen dose in a watering can full of pond water and add to the pond. Dosing this way means that even on a windy day you can treat your pond without losing half the contents by it being blown away before it reaches the pond surface…………

1kg will treat 3000 gallons of water.

3kg will treat 9000 gallons of water.

As with all blanket weed products it is always advisable to remove as much blanket weed as possible by hand or by wrapping it round a garden cane (a little like making candy floss) as this will give an added boost to the speed at which the product will work.

Of course ensuring that there are good levels of oxygen at all times is also good practice.

ECO GOLD may cloud the water for the first three days of treatment but this is nothing unusual or to worry about.

After the blanket weed has been eradicated we would recommend that a weekly dose of ECO PURE POWDER as required is beneficial to suppress any further growth……

 Non Chemical Treatments - Parazoryne and Sabbactisun


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