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Certikin Skimmers

These skimmer boxes can be built into the walls of a concrete pond. But can be used with a pond liner and the special kit to secure the skimmer box is an optional extra - see below.

Please note that a skimmer also requires to be connected to a filtration unit of some sort...

The Hidroclean is highly recommended for this purpose and is easy to fit ...and an ideal pump for this system would be the Oase Aquamax ...used as a dry surface pump and not as a submersible...

Certikin Surface Skimmer

Skimmer Adaptor Kit

Certikin Surface Skimmer - concrete

Certikin Liner Adaptor Kit

Wide Angled Extension Throat

Parallel Extension Throat

Wide Angled Extension Throat - concrete

Certikin Parallel Extension Throat - concrete

SKU Description


HD100SN 95.79 + Vat Order
HD100N 95.76 + Vat Order
SKM-203 30.24 + Vat Order
SKM-202 24.06 + Vat Order
SKM-204 37.80 + Vat Order
SKM-201 22.47 + Vat Order
SKM-206 20.37 + Vat Order





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