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A Guaranteed 100% Non-Toxic Super Seal....

So no more broken hearts - no more family rows because you killed all the fish ! by just trying to make things nice for everyone ... No! this superb Superseal is completely 100% non toxic - and that is actually guaranteed !

Not only that it has superb covering power and is available is very easy to apply .. and you do not have to worry about having to place a plastic sheet over the water under the area you are working on .. any seal that does drip off your brush and into the water is completely harmless to the pond life ..  hard to believe ?

Well I said the same thing when the manufacturer of this product called to see us with this product a couple of years ago, and offered to actually re-stain our 'Rustic Bridge' which crosses a section of our pond with flowing water underneath which flows directly into our main pond ...  and whilst I was busy with a customer and before I could stop him ... his tin of Superseal was open and his brush was hard at work re-sealing this bridge ...  and it was too late, as far as I was concerned, to stand over him and make sure that he did not spill any into the pond  ...  and when I had finished with my customer and got back to him it was too late ... and of course like all good painters .. the drips were apparent ...  and I rushed to see if there were any Koi 'belly-up'  I could not see any stress being shown by the Koi and everything seemed to be normal ... 

Slightly further away from our main pond we had a tank with some very small fry .. in fact these fry were just 2 weeks old ... He then told me  to watch .. and, again, before I could stop him, he actually poured a small quantity into the water in which these very fragile fry were in ... I was panic stricken ... and stared into the tank fully expecting to see these fry doing everything that they could to get away from this stain cloud .. but it did not seem to bother them and they were still swimming freely and even through the stain cloud as it spread across the water ...  I thought OK .. wait till the morning and then see what happens ....

I need not have worried or had the sleepless night I had .. In the morning everything was fine and I could not see a single dead baby koi... 

So please take my word for it - it really is 100% Non toxic and I have no hesitation in recommending its use to anyone out there....

Available in seven standard colours (Clear, Light Brown,  Dark Brown,  Black, Green, Red & Blue)  

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P2WS-001 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-002 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-003 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-004 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-005 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-006 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-007 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-008 22.58 + Vat Order
P2WS-009 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-010 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-011 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-012 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-013 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-014 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-015 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-016 33.86 + Vat Order
P2WS-017 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-018 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-019 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-020 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-021 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-022 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-023 62.05 + Vat Order
P2WS-024 62.05 + Vat Order


WE have every confidence in this remarkable product and we are pleased to state that we have Hundreds of completely satisfied customers - many of then have re-ordered to treat new timbers that have been added in other areas of the garden - away from their ponds - and they have complete confidence that this product is totally 100% non toxic to all pets ...



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