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P8 Magic Render:

Our most frequently asked question is: ‘What would YOU recommend’

Here at East Riding Koi we work on the theory of trying out as many of the products we sell as possible, and the ‘P’ range of products are all by far our number one favourites!

P8 is a new revolutionary way to finish your pond and surrounding area. This two pack rendering compound contains a mixture of Polymers, Aggregate and additives. P8 is easy to mix however we do recommend you get a competent pond builder in to apply if you do not have any experience. P8 magic render will provide you with an extraordinary tough, highly durable render - With water interminability. P8 simply adheres to the ponds block work to give you extra structural support, and you only need to apply P8 with a minimum thickness of 5mm!

A new addition to the P range of products that we are sure will take off just as well as the rest, Please give us your comments on this product...We are always interested to know what you think....

Please note that P6 is a registered brand trade mark and it is only sold under the brand name of P6 and it has no connection with any similar, and inferior products that are being advertised using a similar product .......






Key Factors:

  • P8 produces properties such as chemical resistance, resistance from cracking, impact resistance and abrasive resistance.

  • P8 cures fully within 48 hours and can have P1 pond coating applied immediately after this time. (curing time will vary depending on the temperature)

  • P8 can also be used to create a skid resistant surface around the pond.


  Currently Available in 2 size - Coverage depends on the surface you are applying the P8 too and the thickness of application...
  • 5kg
  • 25kg


SKU Description


P8-5kg £14.29 + Vat Order
P8-25kg £34.85 + Vat Order


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