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P1 is a twin pack water based epoxy resin coating designed for safe and easy application in the marine and aquatic industry. P1 is resistant to oil, petrol and some mild chemicals. P1’s greatest attribute is that it does not allow blanket weed to adhere to it’s surface and can be cleaned easily using a soft brush.

P1 can be applied over P5 Putty and P3 Water Stop


Rendered Ponds
Food/Hygiene e.g.: Abattoirs, Dairies/Milking Parlours
Concrete Floors and Walls
Swimming Pools
Pond Surrounds
Plastic Surfaces
Glass Surfaces
Water Tanks
Garden Furniture and Ornaments



P1 is resistant to oil, petrol and some mild chemicals..  and can be cleaned easily using a soft brush. P1 can be applied over P5 putty and P3 Water Stop.


Colours Always Available:

Racing Green

Other colours available to order – White, Grey – Dark and Light, Light Blue and some Stone colours.

Instructions for Use:


Surfaces must be clean and free of any grease. Surfaces can be slightly damp but not wet or subject to running water.

Do not use solvents of any type, only use water based de-greasers that can be washed away and allowed to dry leaving no residue. All holes must be made good as they will fill up with the coating and discolouration will occur. All leaks can be stopped with either P3 Water Stop or P5 Putty.

Any form of leeching, high condensation or water dripping will cause a problem.

Where damp or wet surfaces exist constantly, apply P6 Slurry first – or seek technical advice.

P1 can be applied to ready mixed concrete providing it has come from a reputable supplier and they can provide you with a breakdown of the components used in the mix....

Nor apply P1 to a surface coated with PVA.

MIXING;- Please follow the instructions exactly and refer to the label for water additions.

Stir the contents of the largest pot thoroughly before pouring in the whole contents of the smaller pot – scraping out the entire contents then mix vigorously to ensure thorough mixing.

Add fresh clean tap water in 4 equal parts, totalling the volume specified on the label, mixing well on each addition.

(No water addition is needed for the Clear P1)

P1 is now ready to apply………..


Apply using a brush or a roller. Please apply P1 in temperatures above 12 deg. C

Apply P1 Coating and allow to dry -  (normally 8 hours at 20 deg. C) Drying time is affected by temperature – colder conditions = longer drying time. Apply second coat when first coat is dry.


P1 is a coating not a paint. It is a chemically engineered two-pack coating. There for  you have once mixed, 1 – 2 hours to apply the coating – this is referred to as the POT LIFE. Full cure is the time it takes for the coating to become totally solid.

POT LIFE 1 – 2 HOURS AT 18 deg C. DRY TO TOUCH 8 HOURS AT 18 deg C.




Depending on the surface, coverage is approximately 8 – 10sq mts  per litre.   


Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with cold water and detergent straight after use as the coating will cure if left.


Store in a cool, dry and frost free place in their original containers.
Shelf life – 12 months in the above conditions.


1/   Once P1 is fully cured, wash the pond thoroughly with a hosepipe, and then drain before filling.

2/   Once the pond is filled it is good practice to test the water and introduce a few trial fish and leave for 2 – 3 days

Please note that this is not to test the coating but to ensure all practices have been carried out correctly in relation to the other aspects of the pond system e.g. change of environment, construction, water quality etc.

In case of rain ensure that the area is covered while the coating is curing otherwise damage could occur.



Please note the other ‘P’ products that are available:

P5 Putty – used to seal cracks in pipework and bottom drains. It can also be used to seal a liner to brickwork surround.

P3 Water Stop – A fast setting powder based sealant to stop water seepage and cracks in render.

P2 Super Seal – A high quality/durable exterior non-toxic wood stain, also can be used for sealing paving flags, coping stones and bricks.

P6 Tanking Slurry – A powdered product, when mixed with liquid and water produces an excellent damp proofing course to pre treat concrete in damp conditions.

P8 Magic Render – Two-Pack render mix. Only one skim needed. 


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