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G4 Products and Other Sealants:

A moisture curing single part polyurethane varnish ideal for sealing damp porous surfaces prior to using release agent.

Used as pond sealing, & sealing concrete prior to GRP sheathing where alkali in concrete can react with resins. Withstands temperatures up to 200*C with good chemical resistance. Cures to translucent amber colour.

SKU Description


PSE-102 18.17 + Vat Order
PSE-406 24.09 + Vat Order
PSE-310 24.09 + Vat Order
PSE-103 37.08 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
PSE-407 52.80 + Vat Order
PSE-311 52.80 + Vat Order
PSE-104 60.35 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
PSE-408 94.31 + Vat Order
PSE-312 94.31 + Vat Order
PSE-105 241.03 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
PSE-409 360.13 + Vat Order
PSE-313 360.13 + Vat Order

Polyflex Sealant (Black) General Purpose Sealer and Adhesive

A moisture hardened sealant. A sealer with strong adhesion but always remaining flexible under all conditions.

Capable of sealing seams and joints and bonding to wood, brick, cement rendering and rigid plastics. Polyflex will also seal around pipework and bottom drains.

When liners are tucked into brickwork it forms an excellent sealant since it allows for movement. Polyflex is supplied in a cartridge and is easily applied with a mastic gun or similar application tool.

SKU Description


SEA-112 6.97 + Vat Order Choosing Your Pond Fish
SEA-101 6.04 + Vat Order


Cartridge Gun

A sealer & adhesive Cartridge Gun....

Often referred to as a Skeleton Gun........



SEA-134 4.28 + Vat Order

Bonda Glass Fibre Repair Kit

This is the perfect material for repairs and crack to fibreglass ponds. The kit contains all the necessary materials to complete such an operation. At times special modifications are required for situations of making a collar around overflows and drains and this repair kit can provide those alterations with ease. Once the repaired surface is complete and hardened the finished laminate can be sanded and shaped accordingly.
SKU Description


PSE-416 15.82 + Vat Order
PSE-417 8.76 + Vat Order


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