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Ultrafleece Professional Beltfilter.......The Higher Standard Of Filtration......

When we first saw this beltfilter in operation all our team were more than just impressed, we were excited about a fully automated water polisher.

For those who have never seen beltfilters in operation, they act as a water polisher that `goes not just one step but several steps beyond the norm………..

This is truly the first affordable professional beltfilter on the market. With its unique set up it provides a stunningly new standard in filtration for the domestic Koi keeper.

A very professional filter, for the best mechanical filtration, with virtually no maintenance!! No, as unbelievable as it sounds we really mean this – no more ritual every weekend sorting out dirty/blocked filtration systems……….

The UltraFleece filters use an industrial quality filter membrane on a roll. This makes it possible to remove waste parts upto 20 micron!!!

 Now for the Process:

The water enters the filter through a pump fed construction. The water will run through the membrane (1) where the waste parts, parasites, eggs, algae, plant remains, fish waste, etc will be collected. On the membrane arises a so called “filter cake” (accumulation of waste) which helps to improve the filtration again. During the increase of this “filter Cake” less water can run through which increases water levels in the filter. The large hydrostatic pressure which pushes water through the already polluted membrane ensures that the UltraFleece can sieve waste parts upto 20 micron. When the maximum water level has been reached, the level switch (7) will activate the conveyor-belt (5) underneath the membrane and the polluted membrane will be moved to the designated collection area (6). A slightly increasing 30 degree angle guarantees the waste will remain on the membrane and not to be flushed away by the water going through the unit.

A new part of membrane is then transported from the roll which enables it to get the optimal filtered water through. As the water falls through the membrane into the pump/bio-chamber it will also be greatly enriched with oxygen. The water enters a lower bio chamber/pump chamber (3) from where the water can go back to the pond or to the next biological filter.

Because of the falling water the bio rings in the bio chamber are moved automatically without the need for an extra air pump. Because of the thorough cleaning of the membrane the bio chamber does not require constant cleaning/maintenance.

The UltraFleece reduces the time you would spend maintaining your filtration system dramatically and at the same time gives you optimal water quality! As a result of this you can also make great savings on the use of medications, water treatment supplements, large water changes and ofcourse electricity which will reduce your carbon footprint……..

How many membrane rolls (4) you are likely to use in a given year is highly dependant on factors like pond size, fish load, daily amount of food etc.

An average usage for Koi ponds of 40,000ltrs (8,800 UK gallons) with 20 large Koi which get high protein food is between 8 and 15 rolls per year.

The Benefits:

  • Obvious improvement of the water quality

  • No cleaning/maintenance, therefore no loss of bio-activity

  • Decreases the load on the biological filter

  • It is possible to use the membrane filter as a pre-filter in existing filter systems

  • Manufactured from Polypropylene with compact dimensions

  • Separate control unit there is only 24volts going to the filter!!

  • Silent 24volt motor which will only cost a few £’s on electricity per year

  • The only maintenance for this filter is the replacing of the membrane roll


BeltFilter 120 L x 70 B x 63cm H

Fleece Roll 60cm wide

Pump Capacity 28m3/h 

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