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 Today the Water Authorities produce water in the purest form - they remove many of the problems by introducing Chlorine to remove bacteria and they introduce many other products to ensure that the water we use from our taps poses no threat to Human Health .... and for that we must be grateful.
But...  this same 'High Quality' water is probably one of the deadliest substances to our valuable Koi.  The Chlorine that protects us is Poisonous to our Koi and the Nitrate levels contained in raw tap water can affect our Koi.
So what is the answer ?

The 'AQUASTAR' is the ONLY answer !

The Aquastar not only helps purify the water and remove harmful products, it can also help remove traces of the following:

Chlorine The Aquastar Does It!

The AQUASTAR can also:

  • Help reduce water hardness.
  • Help to reduce Nitrate Levels above EPA
  • Absorb Vapours & Colloidal Solids
  • Help to remove E.Coli & Pseudomonas Bacteria.

All right many other Water Purifiers will do most of that -
- So what's special about the Aquastar ?

The 'AQUASTAR' will do what other
Water Purifier Manufacturers claim theirs will do -
BUT - the 'AQUASTAR' goes much further !

Hydrogen The Aquastar Does It!
Sulphide The Aquastar Does It!
Iron The Aquastar Does It!
Lead The Aquastar Does It!
Cadmium The Aquastar Does It!
Aluminium The Aquastar Does It!
Other organic compounds The Aquastar Does It!

With it's first Column connected it will Remove the 'Scourge of every pond keeper' The dreaded 'BLANKET WEED' - it does not simply try to Control the growth of Blanket Weed It Completely Removes it !
The 'AQUASTAR' will completely remove practically all Traces of Blanket Weed between 10 to 28 days - larger systems may take a little longer - by following our simple written instructions that come with every system. 

The 'AQUASTAR' comprises of:

  • 1 x 10" Pre Filter which removes particles of Dirt from the water (which we drink)
  • 1 x 18" x 6" Canister containing KDF- (This is what gets rid of the 'Blanket weed')
  • 1 x 18" x 6" Canister which helps remove traces of Copper & Zinc & other metals
  • 1 x 18" x 6" Canister: GAC and Coconut Shell to mop up any organic substances.

All parts of this remarkable system are fitted with 'Quick Release Couplings' which enable any part of the system to be removed when required for back washing and maintenance purposes - please note that Column one Must be removed once the Blanket weed has gone - this can be easily reconnected should the Blanket weed start to come back at a later time.
Once number 1 column has been removed from the system - the Pre Filter and the remaining 2 columns can be left connected to the mains water supply and these will help ensure a far better quality of incoming water to replace the water that you use in the normal course of your maintenance program - The Aquastar, without column 1, is a 'First Class Water Purifier and is manufactured to the highest standards by one of Europe's leading water purification and management companies and we are proud to be associated with that company.

The life span of the media in the various columns, will of course vary according to use, and the size of the pond. Generally as a guide - the media in Column 1 is regenerable, and providing it is flushed through regular (minimum every 7 days it is connected to the system) this is to lift the bed and prevent it 'caking' (as sand does in the Sand Pressure Filters), then it has an indefinite life. The media in columns 2 and 3 will require replacing every 12 to 18 months depending on usage - and the media is, of course, available direct from us.

All models are fitted with a special 'Flow Controller' which ensures that the water passing through the system has adequate contact time with the various filter media.


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