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Pond / Aquarium Testing

Water Care / Water Tests:

Testing the Water in your Pond or Tank is probably the most important single thing you should do on a regular basis ..  but how many of us actually do these tests, and

if we do then How Often?

Please bear in mind that we are NOT Fish Keepers - we are in essence 'Water Keepers' and that is something that you should never lose sight of, remember that if your water is good, and it tests good - then you can keep anything in that water, but on the other hand .. if the water is suspect and may be so toxic with Ammonia - Nitrite - or have a bad pH then what ever you place in that water is going to suffer.

Water Testing is therefore extremely important and you should undertake testing your water on a regular basis, at the least once per week ..

As your filtration system does however become more and more established then you can begin to feel a little more comfortable  but remember that it is going to take many weeks for any newly established ponds for the bacterial level we must have and need, to become established  and it is essential during this 'Start Up' period that you undertake testing your water for Ammonia, Nitrite, and pH ... even if you don't test for anything else.  and if you are getting high readings, sometimes off the scale then you must take the appropriate action to reduce those toxic levels immediately ..

There are many different Test Kits available on the World Market today ... so you have a wide choice between the products and test kits produced by various companies ...

Some tests are extremely simple, some more complicated but still quite simple to use and of course there are Digital Tests which will give a much higher degree of accuracy - but bear in mind the more accuracy you demand then the higher the cost is going to be.

We at The East Riding Koi Co have attempted to provide and choose various Test Kits to suit all Koi and Pond enthusiasts from those who may have just a small garden pond with just a few Goldfish etc - right up to those of you that have, or are in the stages of planning to have a much bigger pond devoted entirely for Koi.

Please take time to study the various Test Kits we are able to offer and choose the one that you will feel the most comfortable with and one that you can afford.

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