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"Spud" Gun - PVC Items to make a "Spud Gun" from The Field Magazine

After Charlie Flindt’s telephone call and subsequent conversation with Chris about pipe work the Spud Gun was born! Although we at East Riding Koi had no idea what the pipe work was for until we had another caller a month or so later interested in the same pipe work. He told us that we were quoted in the September 09 issue of a magazine called The Field for supplying most of the necessary components for a Spud Gun! Unable to resist we went straight out and bought a copy!

Ever since then we get numerous amounts of phone calls from people wanting to know what they need to buy from us to make the Spud Gun.

So consequently we have now added the Spud Gun to our shopping cart to make it easy, all you need to do is click on the order button below and you will receive the items that Charlie Flindt received on his original order – please note though that the screws, fire lighters and Granny’s hairspray are not included!!!

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