Sealants and Adhesives
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Sealants & Adhesives:

Anyone who ever owns a pond, tank or aquarium will at some point need the service of a good sealant or adhesive. be it for sealing round a pipe, inserting a viewing window, sticking a patch on a liner or securing any other object in or around a pond.

When considering which product to choose that is right for the job it’s important to know where, when and how you are going to apply it! The products we supply are especially designed to be used round livestock and yes, they will be a little more expensive than those you find in your local DIY store, but they are pond safe...

The safest of them all is our ERK Underwater Sealant. Totally nontoxic and cures underwater, you can use this product with absolute confidence in the presence of livestock and believe us when applied correctly it will stick anything to anything.

There are some sealants and adhesives however that are toxic until fully cured. this means they are safe but need to be totally dry for at least 48 hours, sometimes longer depending on temperature before any water or livestock comes into proximity of the product.

Polyflex for example is one that falls into this particular category. These types of adhesives are usually used in the first stages of construction – they must be used in a totally dry situation they will not adhere if any of the surfaces are damp.

Silicone Sealant is the one that most people are familiar with. This sealant is the standard sealant in the making up of glass aquariums, it can be used with threaded pipe joints but once again needs to be fully cured for at least 24/48 hours before being submersed in water or livestock come into contact with it. In the pond world unfortunately, it has very limited uses. Sealants and Adhesives