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Air Pumps

Probably one of the most important piece's of your Pond & Filtration equipment is the 'Air Pump' which should be of the correct size to provide sufficient air to both the pond and also the filtration units..... a pond or a tank without a sufficient air supply for the Koi and other pond fish is like a time bomb waiting to go off!!

 You may well get away with it for a few years and then suddenly you will be trying to figure out the reason for your Koi dying with no visible signs or marks on them ... this can and more than likely will be due to the oxygen level being far below what your pond life requires. We are often told 'Oh we don't need an air pump - we have oxygenating plants'......hmmm.....well yes OK - these plants will generate a certain amount of oxygen during the evening but come the hot day time hours and they will take all the oxygen they can out of the warmer water, this will result in leaving very little for you're Koi. This is when it may be noticed that they are all gathering around the bottom of a water fall or near to a Venturi outlet.... a sure sign that they are having difficulty in breathing.
To provide air in the quantities you need you are really going to need an efficient pump .... there are not many on the market that have enough output air pressure in sufficient quantities to power, say 6 x 2" air stones or diffusers, or even a diffuser drain which are now very popular - especially at the time of a new pond construction or a major re-build. The Air Pumps we list on our pages will accomplish all these tasks - whether your pond is just 1,000 gallons or 100,000 gallons!!
Important notes about Koi Pond Air Pumps:
If you are deploying an air pump to generate the air for your system .. we do advise that the air pump is located as near as possible to the outside fresh air where there can be no danger of the air pump drawing in foul air, bad smells or fumes, which will then quite possibly severely affect the quality of the air that you are providing for your system ... which could, and has been known to cause problems for the pond life and it's often extremely hard to identify the source of this problem with the air supply in 99% of the cases never being seen as the prime suspect  - so remember that prevention is better than cure on this one! If in doubt about you're oxygen levels we at ERK can supply you with an Oxygen Test Kit.
One really important thing to remember though is that all air pumps do need to be undercover and kept dry, although do allow sufficient space round the pump for some natural air flow.
For further information (if you haven't read it already) can be found on our Air Products page.

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