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In this section we try to explain how to build a 'True Koi Pond'.

Pond construction today is most certainly easier than it used to be with building materials now readily available to us all .

We are asked many times - which is the best and easiest way to construct a 'True Koi Pond'? well the answer is... 'there is no easy way' it all takes a lot a hard work and money to build a 'State of the Art Koi Pond'.

The best approach is to have a solid construction, erecting the pond walls using either concrete blocks or bricks, which are available from all good builder’s merchants.... the floor or base of the pond is concrete, this principle goes for ponds that are ground level or half below ground and half raised.

Most people imagine that the prime concern is to make sure that the inside of the pond is water tight -  keeping the water in – and of course this is totally correct...unfortunately people forget about keeping water out! When we say this, we are talking about the strong possibility of water ingress. All water tables and locations vary. We would strongly recommend that once having dug out the pond and once the walls are built that the outside walls of the pond are protected from getting saturated by the surrounding soil in heavy wet weather. To do this is quite simple – before 'back filling' either render the outside of the walls or apply a Slurry such as our ERK P6 Basically this is just good sound practice and is something that will really pay off in the long run.

The inside of the pond ideally should be finished with two coats of render with the addition of fibres in the mix such as Wizard Fibre. The addition of fibres in the mix

makes for a stronger, smoother finish less prone to hair line cracks and ready to apply a high quality pond coating such as our ERK P1 Pond Coating.

Just something to mention when on the subject of rendering and this is to 'flaunch' all angled corners and from walls to base. What this means is round them off by shaping the render – it makes for a much stronger construction. Water pressure pushes outwards – square corners/angles are libel to succumb to this pressure over time and fail, sharp/square corners should be left to buildings!

The principals shown below could of course be adapted to suit your own needs - if you wish to use a good quality liner then the principals remain basically the same for the actual pond - although we would still advise that the filtration plant area be built using concrete blocks with the upper rows - if shown above ground level finished in any brickwork to match the surrounding buildings and in keeping with the general design.

The first thing to do of course is to mark out where you are going to put the pond – the shape etc. When considering this there are at least a couple of things to take into account that perhaps in the excitement of your new project maybe overlooked – trees, any trees will grow and could end up having large roots that may over the years undermine your construction, so bear this in mind when deciding on the location also leaves can become a problem.. and the filtration plant...remember you are going to need an electricity supply that is easily accessible..size of filter housing, don't make it too small you may wish to add more equipment in the future and its no good trying to work in a minute space, this just makes life difficult...

All this can be planned and done quite easily before you start digging a great big hole that ends up in the wrong place.. plan your pond carefully don't rush in to it blind folded ... and please do not forget that the most important part of any pond is the actual filtration ... don't try to 'Cut Corners' on the filtration - by all means if the budget is tight - cut back on the aesthetics of the pond itself - landscaping can always be carried out to finish the job at a later date... but if you cut corners on the filtration aspect then it can become an almost impossible task to correct those mistakes later on without it costing you a lot more money and heartache..

We have attempted to talk you through how to start building a pond and some definite do's and don'ts in the above feature - but we know that some of you, for one reason or another, may be thinking of using a Pond Liner - so we have put together a short feature on 'How to Build a Pond Using a Liner' if you wish to know a little bit more about this subject then

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