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Plumbing - Pipe Work and Fittings:

We carry an extensive range of pipe work in Grey PVC, White ABS and Solvent Weld (Black Waste) and complementary ancillary fittings - including 'Slide Valves', 'Ball Valves' etc.

Pipe work on any system is extremely important as it is responsible for carrying the volume and weight of water to and from your pond – sadly and all too often some Koi enthusiasts, having spent hours if not weeks and months constructing their own 'Ideal Dream Pond ' and having spent far more money than they originally thought, and are probably fed up of all the hard work and can't wait to see their pond burst into life .....cut corners and opt for pipe work that just is not up to the job it's required to do... Remember its far easier and cheaper in the long-term to use the correct pipe work for the job, this also saves things going wrong in that hard to reach place where to put something right may even mean major excavations!

Whether you are using Imperial ½” - 3/4” - 1" – 1 ¼” - 1 ½” -  2" - 3" - 4" or even upto 8" pipe work - then wherever possible always use 'Solvent Welded' joints and of sufficient strength to cope with the loading that you are going to put on it...

Sometimes we get asked about certain brands of 'Push-On' pipe work and fittings - we have a simple answer - anything that you can 'Push Together' the water pressure can, and does 'Push Apart' ..... the other thing is this type of jointed pipe work is not any cheaper than similar pipe work with 'Solvent Welded' joints and certainly is not as strong!

We have very extensive stocks of pipe work and would be pleased to advise you on the type of pipe work you require for a particular job if you are unsure - please email or phone us - advice is free at ERK

The most popular type of pipework especially for pond construction because of it's robust nature is Grey PVC Pressure pipe – as the name implies – it can withstand pressure! Grey PVC is far superior for use when laying under concrete for a gravity fed system. Using this type of pipe work and fittings you can be sure that the installation is going to be sound and trouble free ..

The next in popularity is the Black Solvent Weld (black waste) pipe we also have an excellent range of fittings to suit this pipe work too. BSW is capable of withstanding moderate pressure when using it for the return pipe work from your pumps etc ... and admittedly is a big saving on the alternative which of course is grey PVC pressure pipe .. but please bear in mind the type of application that you are wishing to do before deciding which pipe work to use as we said above the more robust the pipe the better for laying underground...If you wish to use a mixture of the two we can supply fittings that will enable you to connect from the Imperial Grey PVC to BSW (black waste) pipe these are referred to as sleeves.

White ABS is high quality Imperial pipework and is often used in the swimming pool, Marine and food industry. It has now however become increasingly popular with the pond industry too 

Mistakes made in choosing and fitting pipe work in the initial stages are sometimes very hard to correct, or perform repairs on.

Finally a Friendly Word of Warning:

Whatever you do when fitting all your pipe work together ... do not 'cut-corners' and a very useful tip to remember is - when you're working out what pipe work runs you need and start to put it all together .. DO NOT SOLVENT WELD THEM AT THIS POINT... fit all the joints, fittings, or whatever, together DRY .. and using a pencil mark each fitting so that when you do apply the Solvent Cement, and remember this stuff has 'no mercy' .. you will be able to set the joint correctly following your pencil marks .. and when you have done that joint 'mark-it' again with a tick until you have completed every joint .. if you do this in a methodical system then you will not miss that important one that is sure to blow once you switch the pumps on .. as can very often happen but  remember none of us are perfect .. although if you follow these simple guidelines you may come close!

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