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There are many pond "Sealing" products on the market, but the problem is how many of them really work? We are now happy to be able to provide our customers with a full range of products to give that ultimate finish on their pond......


“Psealit” Product Range....

P1 Pond Paint - Sealant

This is an excellent Pond Paint - Coating, which unlike most is water-based .. that means, of course, that you can actually wash your brushes or rollers and other equipment used very simply under a running tap. this is a great step forward and can be done very quickly. It has excellent covering capabilities and we can recommend this without any reservation to customers wishing to paint their ponds rather that going to the expense of Fibre Glass.

Our 'P1 Pond Paint' is available in a variety of colours but we find the most popular one's for a modern pond are British Racing Green and Black.

Clear is a top seller to those who have original Victorian style concrete ponds or stone waterfalls and features. The choice of course is yours.

P1 Pond Paint is available in ½ Litre, 1 Litre, 2 ½ Litre and 5 Litre packs. We say 'Packs' because that is how it comes and is mixed in a similar way to Epoxy products - mixing the hardener with the actual product chosen.

Please note all colours of P1 Pond Paint other than Clear do require water to be added, it is once the whole mixing process is complete that you will have the full required amount you have ordered.

'P1 Pond Paint' has great covering power and all that is needed is just two coats of either Clear or the Coloured. It covers at 1 Litre per 5 - 8 M2 on the first coat depending on porosity of your surface and will go up to 10 M2 on the second coat.

BONUS - Blanket weed finds it very hard to adhere to a P1 coated surface!!


P2 - Superseal

Our100% Non-Toxic Super Seal .. so if you are planning to incorporate any wood into your scheme then we urge you to take a look at this superb product.. You simply cannot afford to trust the wood stains that claim that they are Pet Safe.. they may well be for dogs, cats or similar animals.. but this certainly does not apply where aquatic life is concerned..

The Super Seal products are the only such stain/sealer that we would recommend to be used anywhere near a Fish/Koi or even wildlife pond - suitable for sealing wood in all forms, decking, bridges and surrounds, porous rocks, paving flags etc.. buy with confidence and our recommendation.



P3 - Water stop

P3 Water stop is a blend of cement, polymers and graded aggregates. you may well think well why buy this instead of the regular cement?....P3 will cure in 60 seconds when the temperature is at 20 degrees C. This makes the product ideal for covering those hairline cracks that can cause persistent water loss in the pond or waterfall and also those damp patches caused by ingress of water can be sorted out....P3 is Grey in colour, however once cured it's ready to be painted over with the P1.

P3 can also be used before an application of P6 Pondalite


P5 - Putty

This product is based on Epoxy Resin Technology....It is specially formulated for both the professional pond builder or the enthusiast/armature DIY person.. P5 is a highly effective and versatile product, along with P1, P5 is a two part mix, each part is a different colour...once mixed together P5 can be used for filling holes, cracks, moulding round pipes, sealing bottom drains and much, much more..


P6 - Slurry / Pondalite

P6 Pondalite is an ideal latex modified cementitious material. It can be used as a tanking system during the construction of the pond, it forms a water tight barrier and adds strength to the ponds structure....the best way to describe P6 when it is being used is as a "thick emulsion" that is Grey in colour. This easy to use product can be applied to the pond by brush at a depth of 2 - 3mm thick coverage.....


P8 - Magic Render

P8 Magic Render is a revolutionary way to complete your pond and the surrounding area. P8 is a two-pack rendering compound containing a blend of Polymers, aggregate and blocking additives. It's easy to mix but unless you are proficient with a trowel we would recommend you get a competent builder in to apply the P8. When applying P8 you need a coverage of minimum 5mm thick to obtain an extraordinary tough, highly durable render with water impermeability, Once the pond is rendered with our P8 you can finally seal with our P1 Coating in any colour that takes your fancy to get that perfect finish.......

We also list G4 and Gold Label Aqua Paint in this pond paint product page…

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