Heating Your Pond
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Winter in the UK (and Europe) can be very long and harsh for our Koi, an increasing number of Koi keepers are heating their ponds for the following reasons:

Very low temperatures are avoided - causing less stress and associated health problems - Temperature fluctuations are avoided once again causing less stress to your Koi

Koi emerge from the long winter into spring considerably stronger and reducing mortality rates at this time of year when they most often occur

Your Koi's immune system is not suppressed. A Koi's immune system in an unheated pond does not start to recover until the water temperature raises to 10c or above – the nasty bacteria start to recover at around 8c – this can leave your fish vulnerable for possibly several weeks. Unfortunately there are very few medications that will work efficiently in low temperatures so this can be a dangerous time for an unheated pond.

Biological filter systems also remain active throughout the winter months avoiding the long start up process in the spring of building up the beneficial bacteria once again.

Last but not least heating your pond allows the Koi keeper to enjoy their hobby throughout the long winter months.

There are many 'So Called Experts' out there that continue to try to tell us 'That it does our Koi good to have a Winter' - as we have said so many times... that is a load of rubbish ... and any of these so called experts should not be even advising anybody, least of all the Koi keeper - on the subject of Koi keeping Koi are NOT COLD WATER FISH - they are sub, or even Tropical Fish ... So please don't listen to these so called, self-opinionated, experts!

We have often heard Koi keepers during the winter months say 'Our Koi are Hibernating' .... sorry to disillusion those people but it is 'Hedge Hogs' that hibernate - Koi don't - they can suffer badly and some just die!

We will pose a hypothetical question to you... 

If you went to your pond in the middle of summer - and all your Koi were huddled together in the deepest part of the pond where they were laying still - some even laying on their sides and not eating anything for weeks and weeks on end - what would you do? We can tell you what you would do in a single word 'Panic'-  well why don't you panic in the winter?- you should! because you are causing your Koi unnecessary suffering and stress this may cause many of your Koi to die a terrible slow death .. please do not do it ... So Please 'Heat your pond'

We are often asked - 'Is it a complicated or a hard job Heating a Pond or Tank System'?

The simple answer is 'NO' ....  but of course, it depends entirely on many factors ....

How big the Pond or Tank is ......?

Is there a Gas / Oil or Electricity supply to your property .....?

Have you already got either a Gas or Oil Fired Boiler .....?


How much will it cost me to run a heating system?

That is another question that we are often asked ... Well of course 'How long is a piece of string ?'

It's impossible to give any accurate running costs for any heating system - there are many factors to be taken into consideration...

How big the pond is?

How exposed or sheltered the pond is - is there a cover over the pond.

What part of the world are we talking about.

How long is the natural winter?

Is the pond totally below ground, half and half or totally raised, insulated etc.

What temperatures are required.

How far away is the boiler or electricity supply

As we have said - these factors, and there are many others, all have to be taken into account. Today there are so many energy companies out there and price deviations to factor into the equation it is an impossible question to answer. Although your energy company may be able to give you an indication.

When we consider the benefits that our Koi derive from the sustained higher temperatures throughout the winter months the cost of a heater or at least a good quality pond cover should pay you back in spades – chemical treatments can be an expense saved if we can avoid health problems occurring in the spring

So, what else have we gained by heating the system?

Well for a start we have been able to feed our Koi for the whole twelve months of the year so they are getting the full nourishment they require to keep them in good condition - and they are now growing twelve months a year - not just through the summer months - The risk of losing our Koi has been dramatically reduced because we have been able to maintain a temperature acceptable to them ..... Lets face it with the cost of Koi increasing as it is doing ... it would only take the loss of just a single good Koi to far outweigh the cost of heating the pond ... in fact in many cases it would be considerably less to heat rather than to suffer continued losses of good Koi through the winter months due to the severe cold temperatures of the water.

Because we have been able to continue feeding we still have mature biological filtration - we don't have to go through the process of 'Starting Up' our systems at the beginning of each season which can be slow and laborious.

So there is no doubt in our minds that eventually we shall all get round to heating our Koi Ponds and tanks .... it need not cost the earth and the overall costs are well worth it !

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