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Filtration for you Koi Pond

An Introduction to Koi Pond Filtration:

East Riding Koi are specialists in Koi Pond Filtration Units which are without doubt the most important part about any successful Koi Pond Installation - doing the job right in the first place can save Frustration - Disappointment - Hard Work and of course money!

The subject of proper Koi pond filtration still continues to puzzle even many experienced enthusiasts in the hobby.

For a newcomer to keeping Koi the vast choice of filtration units available and their various forms of operation, combined with well-intended advice from a 'friend-in-the-know' and the belief that filtering a Koi pond properly is 'kids stuff', can tend to lead to confusion and unfortunately sometimes into making the wrong choice. Making this wrong choice sadly is only apparent after a given period of time - when its too late!

The fact is a Koi pond filtration system is running constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Over a one year period the entire water from the pond will pass through the system between 2,000 and 3,000 times. 

In a 10,000 gallon pond the filtration system will handle between 20 and 30 million gallons of debris-laden water a year, that's a lot of water!

Today its possible to buy systems that will handle the flow rates required and that provide the correct flow patterns and will ensure that all mechanical debris etc. can be efficiently discharged to waste with a minimum of daily/weekly maintenance. 

The actual design of the systems described in some detail on our web site are extremely simple in both principal as well as in running and discharge operation.  There is nothing complicated about them in any way and very little extra maintenance is required. Filtration