Cleaning and Maintenance
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As we all know (or should know) no pond is ever going to be maintenance free, the good part is there are some excellent products to help you with many of the aspects of good pond keeping..
The 'big' clean – yearly full maintenance is usually tackled in the Spring although some folk like do it in Autumn – in our personal opinion this is often wasted labour as the winter months can really mess things up again!
Monthly through the Summer is sound practice, there are no filter systems that require absolutely no maintenance, although some are less troublesome than others. Yes they do need to be cleaned but go easy on cleaning the media as we need to keep that beneficial bacteria..
Pumps and UV units also need to be checked along with filters/airlines/air  stones/aerators etc...
The pond itself also needs to be kept free of debris, this includes the mulm that gathers like sludge on the pond floor, this can build up from leaves, blanket weed and other plant matter...all this, if left can alter the water parameters by sending up nitrate and conductivity levels...
You can save lots of major effort by using a leaf scoop/net or leaf shovel to get rid of leaves and surface debris before they have chance to settle, these scoops and nets are best used on an extendible pole, we sell different extendible poles that will suit most pond sizes.
Other useful pieces of equipment for your routine are lay flat hose and pool brushes, of course not forgetting the pond vacuum and vacuum heads....

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