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Air is probably the most  singular important item that you introduce into any pond system, whether this is for a specialist Koi Pond - or just the 'garden pond' ... every living thing needs oxygen ... this of course includes not only our fish but also all aquatic life that may be resident in the pond and indeed very importantly the beneficial bacteria that we need to provide that ever illusive 'perfect water' there is a knock on effect of course as healthy bacteria lead to a cleaner environment and a more efficient filter system.

So choosing any air producing product is an all important decision .. and of course there are many ways that you can introduce air into your system .. this may be by way of a waterfall .. a Venturi ..and of course by a specialized air pump. On our web site we have tried to list and to show you as many of the different air pumps that we have tried and tested ourselves for price and reliability. Also other air devices that are available to you... and of course you can now select from the 'Links' for the product that you wish to know more about, or wish to buy from our 'Secure On-Line' Shop .... 
Important to note:

If you are deploying an air pump to generate the air for your system .. we do advise that the air pump is located as near as possible to the outside fresh air where there can be no danger of the air pump drawing in foul air such as bad smells or fumes of any kind which will then quite possibly severely affect the quality of the air that you are drawing into your system ... this could and in fact has been known to cause problems for the pond life, and it's extremely hard to identify the source of this problem with the air supply in 99% of cases never being thought of as the prime suspect- so remember that prevention is better than cure on this one!

One other very important point that you should, and must, bear in mind, relates to the output size of the particular air pump you choose, there is very little point in choosing to go out and buy a larger air pump than your system needs. If you feel that a 40lpm air pump will do the job you wish, then don't buy an 80 lpm air pump unless you are aware of the pitfalls, let us explain a little further..... if the air pump is capable or producing 40 lpm and the air supply you need is 40 lpm - then that is fine, no worries ..  but if you have an 80 lpm air pump and only use 40 lpm, then this can, and will lead to damage occurring to the air pump itself, to draw a parallel it's a little like blowing up a balloon, if you continue to blow then eventually the balloon will burst .. and that is exactly what will happen to your 80 lpm air pump - So if you do have an 80 lpm air pump then it may be necessary to open one of the spare air control taps to avoid a back-pressure build-up ..

We have tried to provide as much practical information about how to choose one of our products as we can and hope that this will be useful to you and help you make that all important right decision - mistakes do cost money .... we will try to ensure that you do not make those mistakes .. something that you will not get from other web sites, so please ask if you are not sure... - Air