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Oase Aquaoxy.....
The Aquaoxy is an aeration pump which can be installed outside, corresponding to international standards and is supplied complete with a weatherproof transformer. The Aquaoxy is suitable for outdoor use as it is based on the safe 12v low-voltage technology which also enables the Aquaoxy to run in an energy efficient manner. The motor on the Aquaoxy is encapsulated which keeps running noise to a minimum.

The Aquaoxy has 2 X 5mm silicone hose connections which can each be adjusted individually to determine the amount of oxygen which is released.

The Aquaoxy is supplied with two specially designed air stones that ensure high volume even oxygen discharge with their integral air flow channels.

The amount of air distributed from the Aquaoxy is determined on the depth that the air stones are submersed to (These values where measured with the air stone connected to a 5mtr length of air line)...

Depth in Mtrs Aquaoxy 400 Aquaoxy 1000 Aquaoxy 2000
0.0m 420 l/h 1000 l/h 2000 l/h
0.2m 400 l/h 900 l/h 1825 l/h
0.4m 360 l/h 800 l/h 1650 l/h
0.6m 340 l/h 720 l/h 1475 l/h
0.8m 240 l/h 650 l/h 1300 l/h
1.0m 100 l/h 600 l/h 1125 l/h
1.2m - 550 l/h 950 l/h
1.4m - 500 l/h 775 l/h
1.6m - 450 l/h 600 l/h
1.8m - - 425 l/h


Aquaoxy Aquaoxy 400 Aquaoxy 1000 Aquaoxy 2000

Aquaoxy 4800

Dimensions mm 228x224x112 220x225x135 220x225x135 243x186x201
Voltage 12V/50hz 12V/50hz 12V/50hz 230V/50hz
Transformer 230v/50hz 230v/50hz 230v/50hz  
Power Consumption Watt 10 15 25 65
Air Displacement Max L/H 400 1000 2000 4800
Pressure in Bar 0.17/1.7m 0.2/2.0m 0.25/2.5m 0.35
Max pond Size 5000l 10000l 20000l 50000l
Outlets 2 2 2 4
Air hose 2x5mtr 2x5mtr 2x5mtr 4x5mtr
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36842-400 Oase Aquaoxy 400 out of stock Order
37284-1000 Oase Aquaoxy 1000 out of stock Order
57437-2000 Oase Aquaoxy 2000 out of stock Order
50398-48000 Oase Aquaoxy 48000 out of stock Order

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Oase OxyTex CWS (Clear Water System).....

Oase OxyTex CWS have been introduced to the range to help provide aeration to the pond and also increase the filters surface. Thanks to it's unique biotechnical fibre structure the OxyTex is ideal for important micro organisms that effectively decompose excess nutrients.

Product Characteristics

  • Unique Pond Aerator with a large surface for micro organisms.
  • Multi-functional: Oxygen supply, circulation and nutrient decomposition in one.
  • Supplemental nutrient decomposition, ideal as a supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS.
  • Biological activation of the entire pond.
  • Implementation as individual filter medium is possible.
  • Recirculation of 10m/h with the OxyTex Set 1000 CWS at a water depth of 1 m Supplemental components.
  • The OxyTex CWS is available individually as well as in the set with the AquaOxy aerator pump.
OxyTex CWS 400 CWS 1000 CWS 400 Set CWS 1000 Set CWS 2000 Set CWS
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 144x290 220c300 144 x 290 220 x 300 220 x 300
Settlement surface in m 1,5 3,5 1,5 3,5 7
Pressure In Bar - - 0.17/1.7m 0.2/2.0m 0.25/2.5m
Max Air Displacement - - 400LPH 1000LPH 2000LPH
Power Consumption W - - 10 15 25
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50443-400 Oase OxyTex 400 CWS out of stock Order
50290-1000 Oase OxyTex 1000 CWS out of stock Order
50445-400S Oase OxyTex 400 Set CWS out of stock Order
50276-1000S Oase OxyTex 1000 Set CWS out of stock Order
52277-2000S Oase OxyTex 2000 Set CWS out of stock Order

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air pumps for any use other than for ponds and aquarium systems



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