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Kam Air - Air Pumps

It is Essential to provide air and to do so in the quantities that your Koi need you are really going to need an efficient pump .... there are not many on the market that have enough output air pressure in sufficient quantities to power, say 6 x 2" air stones or diffusers. 

The Kam air Air Pumps -  we list here will accomplish all these tasks - whether your pond is just 1,000 gallons or 100,000 gallons !

Hi Blow Secoh Airtech Medo
Medo Kam Air Hi-Flow Koi Air

Kam Air 40
40 liters/minute
Kam Air 80
80 liters/minute
The Kam air Air Pumps - (the Hi Blow under a Different Name) we list here will accomplish all these tasks - whether your pond is just 1,000 gallons or 100,000 gallons !

Obviously the size of your pond determines the size of the Kam Air that you require but bear in mind that your filtration system will be improved immensely by introducing air into the biological side of the system ... every living thing needs air to live and the bacteria that we breed in the biological filter system is no different.

So always make allowances for doing this when you are considering buying a Hi-Blow, or any other make of air pump to improve your system... and of course the healthy your system .. the healthier are the Koi you keep.

Please note that the case of the Kam Air Pump has not changed - the workings remain the same in these Superb Kam Air Pumps as in the original Hi Blow's ....

Although the Kam Air Pumps are now no longer available the spares to keep your pump going luckily are!

Please see below for the spares available - don't forget that these same spares also fit many other air pumps currently on the market.


We NOW HAVE something that you will all NEED ... and to save you blowing those diaphragm - we can now supply a PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE - this fits between the Air Pump and the Manifold.. no tools or skill needed ..

SKU Description


Air-AP-RV1 Air Pressure Release Valves - fits all Air Pumps 34.04 + Vat Order

Please see manifolds if you  need to have something different or one of our Heavy duty Air Manifolds.

Spares for the Kam Air - Hi-Blow and Air Tech Air Pumps - see the exploded view to identify the parts you require... click here

Air-APU-534 Diaphragm Kit for Kam Air 40
Will also fit the  Hi-Blow 40 and Air Tech 40
42.55 + Vat  


Air-APU-538 Diaphragm Kit for Kam Air 80
Will also fit the Hi-Blow 80 and Air Tech 80

48.94 + Vat



Shipping & Packing charges on UK Mainland
10.00 inc Vat - less if possible

Exploded View of Japanese Air Pumps - Kam Air - Airtech and Hi-Blow




Please contact us if we can help in any matter <sales@koicarp.net>